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Product description

NEEK, which in the Mayan language means seed, comes from one of the most emblematic cultures of Mexico. The conceptual basis of this piece was governed by the balance of simple geometric shapes, the subtle combination of straight lines, circles and sphere sections, which subtly intersect in the piece's sections achieving a balanced combination of shapes and reflections. This piece maintains the balance between function and form to be discreetly adapt into any bathroom design, integrating in a respectful way into the space, without losing its leading importance or its validity over time. This piece seeks to generate a positive impact on the environment, create awareness among people to preserve such vital liquid, so necessary for life itself. It also optimizes the comfort of the users, regaining control of hot and cold water within a single lever and have a perfect performance working with low, medium and high pressure.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameURREA
Lead designerLara Hnos.
Team MembersMauricio Lara & Sebasti√°n Lara
Location:Mexico City - Mexico
Photography creditsLara Hnos.
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