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Natural Protected Area Parque Ecológico de la Ciudad de México Socio-Environmental Rehabilitation

Gobierno de la Ciudad de México-Secretaría del Medio Ambiente / Construcciones Caruzo S.A. de C.V. / Accubo S.A. de C.V / Terranova Supervisión y Construcción S.A. de C.V.

Short description

The project is located south of Mexico City, in a xeric scrub-oak forest ecosystem of high environmental value generated by a volcanic explosion. This Protected Natural Area (PNA) covers around 700 hectares and is one of the most critical regions in the city for aquifer recharge.
This public work was executed between 2019-2020, in which several spaces were rehabilitated in order to open the PNA for the citizens’ enjoyment. Nowadays, it has the necessary infrastructure for environmental education and recreational activities under sustainability and environmental conservation guidelines.
The proposal encompasses the creation of classrooms that open to the landscape, an open-air forum, a filtering square with an sculptural bench, gardens of pollinators and native flora with wildlife crossings, a small wetland; the rehabilitation of a nursery, a butterfly conservatory and a building where an Environmental Culture Center was established.
Based on the socio-environmental analysis, new entrances were created and the existing ones were rehabilitated, as well as 2 kilometers of bikeways used for recreational activities and for monitoring the forest. Likewise, jogging tracks, interpretive trails, viewpoints, lookout points for forest rangers and rain gardens were built.
These actions are sustained on the use of nature-based solutions and green infrastructure criteria, such as: selection of a plant palette of native species, soil erosion control, infiltrating pavements, usage of materials with recycled PET, insect hotels, birdbaths, solar lamps, and wildlife shelters and crossings, among others.
Currently, the number of visitors has significantly increased since they can enjoy activities focused on environmental education such as theater, guided tours, photographic exhibitions, environmental awareness workshops and wildlife sighting, among others.
This innovative project is a benchmark for the sustainable intervention of the Protected Natural Areas, where visitors benefit and the ecosystem is preserved, seeking a sense of belonging in the neighbors and visitors.

Entry details
LocationMexico City - Mexico
Studio NameGobierno de la Ciudad de México-Secretaría del Medio Ambiente / Construcciones Caruzo S.A. de C.V. / Accubo S.A. de C.V / Terranova Supervisión y Construcción S.A. de C.V.
Lead designerLandsc. Archit. Maritza Hernández Solís
Design teamJosé Manuel Montiel Gutiérrez, Laura Zazhil Rendón Zarate, Diana Hernández Lugo, Freddy López Castellanos, Magdaleno Villagómez Ortega, Mayra Gabriela Svetlana Rodríguez Licona, Rafael Delgadillo Porras, Juan Raymundo Romero Velázquez, Fabiola Vargas Mendoza
Consultant teamLizette Fernanda Romero Moncada, Jorge Carlos Badillo Suárez, Alberto Antonio Díaz Galindo
Photography creditsSecretaría del Medio Ambiente / Laura Zazhil Rendón Zárate / Dzilam Méndez
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