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National Taiwan University Cosmology Hall


Project description

The Cosmology Hall is a research facility with 8 floors above ground and 2 underground floors, housing the laboratories, classrooms, administration offices, and a circular conference room, etc. The idea of acting against the force of gravity inspired the design of a floating cube in space, structurally supported by the concrete core setback in the center. The depths of the vertical sunshades vary in a progressive sequence, so that the illusion of a sphere inside the cube can be seen outside. Moving around the building, one can visually experience a dynamic and changing façade. Behind the external hidden sphere is a tubular open atrium 38-meter in height. Its height references the Pantheon of Rome. Providing visual continuity between inside and outside, one can directly sense the natural environment, rain or shine, day or night. The interior façade of the atrium is made of perforated metal cladding. The circular openings of different sizes symbolize the heavenly bodies, and provide visual penetration through the hallways while decreasing echoes in the atrium. It also filters the light and casts a pattern of luminous dots on the scientists’ walking passage to their laboratories. Above the atrium is a cantilevered platform, a unique space to let people contemplate the infinite while suspended between the earth and sky. A moon-tracker was also installed to reflect the moonlight into the pond in the center of the ground floor lobby.

Project details
Location:Taipei, Taiwan
Lead designerKris Yao
Photography creditsShawn Liu Studio, Kris Provoost, KRIS YAO│ARTECH, Kyleyu Photo Studio
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