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Nassau Coliseum

Brian Berkowitz Photography

Photographed by:

Brian Berkowitz

Short description

Growing up on Long Island, I frequently visited Nassau Coliseum for sporting events and concerts. In recent years, as the space was falling into disrepair, SHoP Architects was brought on for the exterior redesign of the facility, The design is said to reflect the big sky of the flat Long Island landscape. As a space that brought me many youthful memories, I decided to make this structure the location of my next fine art series. It was important for me to focus on the dimension of the different parts of the facade and really show off the the way the light hits the space, creating a wide gamut of shadows and highlights. Enjoy some of my favorites of this series!

Entry details
LocationLong Island, NY
Photographer NameBrian Berkowitz
Photography creditsBrian Berkowitz
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