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Nana’s Green Tea Eias Okinawa Toyosaki


Project description

“Rikyu and Souan” Sen no Rikyu, who completed Wabicha, his disciple Furuta Oribe, and his disciple Kobori Enshu. Expressing the characteristics of each, it was Sen no Rikyu that wasted to the utmost limit, and Furuda Oribe sought unbalance (the spirit of Kabuki), and added sophisticated elegance (clean rust) to it. It is said that Kobori Enshu. In Toyosaki Town, Okinawa, if you can feel the history of the tea room by arranging the Rikyu four tatami mats of the Juraku mansion that is the tea room of Rikyu and the tea room of the Enshu tea room of Enshu, you can feel the history of the tea room I thought that it would be possible to have an experience that goes beyond time. I tried to create a space that was free from the concept of time by painting the floor, the wall, and the ceiling with mortar, and by applying a white line drawing on it to mix the actual thing with the illustration to create “imaginary” and “real”. I hope this shop will trigger a tea ceremony for young people.

Project details
Location:Okinawa, Toyosaki - Japan
Studio NameKAMITOPEN Co., Ltd.
Lead designerMasahiro Yoshida
Design teamTae Fukami&Asuka Tamaru
Photography creditsKeisuke Miyamoto
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