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Short description

NAMA Hotel is located in a popular ski resort in Bulgaria - Pamporovo, on a small hill set amongst dozens of Norway spruce trees. Looking towards Snezhanka Peak, at 1928 m above sea level, the hotel is a bit distanced from the dynamic life of the resort and keeps its own serenity in the context.

The design concept is based on the idea of having ten separate small houses, or lodges, that resemble peaks themselves. Each level of each house represents a single room or apartment. All of them form around a cozy core that stays protected from winter conditions, keeps the common spaces altogether and is completely transparent in the niches between the houses, so one could observe the forest from the outside. Composed in this way, the hotel offers both privacy and collectivity for its guests.

A compact SPA occupies the volume of five different houses, having a small pool as well, and has an access to a roof top terrace providing views in all directions, as well as being kept protected behind the sloped roofs. NAMA Hotel also has a small restaurant, a bar and a lobby that hosts a free-standing fire place for the cold nights.
Fully covered in burnt wood siding from the outside and bright Birchwood from the inside, NAMA Hotel blends in the mesmerizing natural context. Its minimal silhouette frames fully glazed maximized windows to welcome the nature's season changes of the mountain forest inside of each room.

Entry details
LocationPamporovo, Bulgaria
Studio Name STARH
Lead designerSvetoslav Stanislavov
Design teamSvetoslav Stanislavov, Dimitar Katsarov, Hristo Dushev, Iva Kostova, Petar Nikolov, Borislav Stanchev, Ivan Kovachev, Debora Dimitrova, Sanya Kovacheva, Mirela Teofanova, Georgi Beshirov, Marina Madzharova
Photography creditsDian Stanchev
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