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Museo Santiago Carbonell

Miguel Concha Arquitectura

Short description

Located in the historic center of the city of Querétaro, the museum seeks to bring the art to the population in general, where an interesting sample of works is exhibited that illustrates the career of the famous painter Santiago Carbonell.
In a house dating from 1760, it is the materialization of a project with more than one decade of planning, whose central objective is the cultural development of the city.
The strategy of reuse of the existing building, part of recovering the structure original and make minor modifications that allow the adaptation of the property to its new use and optimize the operation of the museum. The ones that used to be rooms,
Now they are galleries that house important works of art. The main gallery is creates, thanks to the steel elements that support the new roof, a structure light that does not affect the integrity of the original structure.
A patio, distinctive of the Queretaro houses of the time; connect and illuminate all galleries. Art, architecture and history interact, combining everything in an atmosphere timeless. Part of the artist's work and personal collection has been transferred to the museum facilities, there people can have free access to the exhibitions and programs offered by the foundation opening the possibility of another way of occupying this space.
It has exhibition halls, a service area for the museum, a shop and a terrace from which the landscape is contemplated. The permanent acquis is based on the private collection of the artist, with some paintings that he has been rescuing and many others preserved through time; all of them converge in this cozy and intimate that subtly mixes robust historical elements with structures light, recovering the spatial qualities of the old construction that has been intervened to adapt to a public and cultural dynamic.

Entry details
LocationQueretaro, Mexico
Lead designerMiguel Conche
Photography creditsAriadna Polo
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