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Photography | Interiors

Multi layered Ornamental rhythms in architecture

Photographed by:

Ilana Brilovich

Brief description

A multi layered textured Private house in Israel that has been designed by the architect Oded Halaf in collaboration with the architect Daria Tsoy. The house has a multi-textured façade that changes in rhythm and leads to the classic main entrance square to the house covered with brass ceiling. Its main characterize is the richness in textures and materials that are being changed and transformed in different rhythms and materials according to the different zones in the house. It was important for me to capture this richness of textures, rhythms and ornaments in each frame while exposing the classic plan or costume made details

Entry details
Photographer NameIlana Brilovich
Photographer Studio / CompanyIlana Brilovich Photography
Photography creditsIlana Brilovich

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