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Moya Design Partners

Moya Design Partners

Short description

Moya Design Partners is a local architecture and interior architecture firm founded by Paola Moya in 2017 to put community and clients’ needs at the center of the design process. MOYA’s first interior design project is a testimony of the firm’s mission: MOYA transformed the basement of a church into a bright and welcoming community center that helps and serves individuals experiencing homelessness in DC; the Downtown Day Services was the beginning of a journey that has taken MOYA interior design team to lead landmark projects such as the renovation of a historic Elizabethan-Tudor style school in DC to transform it into a state-of-the-art twenty-first-century educational facility: Historic Randle Highlands Early Education Center. Or developing the interior architecture and environmental graphic design of the new District of Columbia Department of General Services headquarters in Northeast DC, where the design team integrated the history of the city and its diverse communities in the design, creating a building that celebrates the richness of the District of Columbia and projects it into the future.  MOYA’s interior design team creates meaningful spaces that carefully consider people’s needs and aspirations. This is the case of our design for the commercial and resident space interiors of Arlandria-Chirilagua. This keystone project will bring 400-units, 100% affordable, to a diverse northern Alexandria, Virginia, community. MOYA worked with the Arlandria-Chirilagua community to reflect and represent their history of migration and activism in the interiors of the building that they will inhabit, creating spaces that resemble the patios of Central American Colonial-style buildings and recreating the colors and textures of Latin America and Africa.

MOYA’s interior design team is constantly exploring materials, solutions, and approaches that ensure we can provide the best-in-industry experience to our final clients: the people who will inhabit and traverse the spaces we create. 

Entry details
LocationWashington DC - United States of America
Lead designerPaola Moya
Design teamFederico Olivera Sala, Vinay Ganeshan, Ligia Saldana
Photography creditsMoya Design Partners (Arlandria, OPC and Downtown Day Services), Kate Wichlinski (Old Randle)
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