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Michael Lucey, B.Arch.

Product description

The MouseDeck™  is a 'mouse pad' designed for laptop users that work with a mouse and or 3d navigator device.  The user may use the laptop / MouseDeck™  combination in a seated position (with no desk / worktop), in a lounging position also while normally seated at a desktop. The device has a built-in ergonomic palm rest which also doubles as a mouse dock.  This palm rest / mouse dock is very useful when the user moves / tilts the laptop / MouseDeck™ combination .... the mouse stays in position in the mouse dock and doesn't fall to the ground!   There is also an add-on accessory, a Multi-Holder, which holds pages upright for reference while working,  also it's possible to hold a mobile phone  or small computer pad on the Multi-Holder.  This accessory also has a small storage pocket for holding ear phones, keyboard brush etc. The MouseDeck™  is reversible so that it facilitates both right hand and left hand users.  A double  MouseDeck™ combination may also be used on a laptop, one on each side of the laptop's palm rests.  This configuration will suit users that need to use both a mouse and 3D navigator for work input. This twin MouseDeck™ configuration also allows the user to have both a reference page and mobile phone within the users' 'Cone of Vision' while working on their laptop. The most unique feature of the MouseDeck™ is that it fully overlaps the palm rest area of the laptop.  This allows the user to operate a laptop with a mounted MouseDeck™ in narrow seating situations, on trains and planes for example. The ability to reverse the  MouseDeck™, from right side to left side, is achieved via the unique clamping mechanism. The device is quickly mounted and held in position with a replaceable rubber band.  

Product details
Designer / Studio NameMichael Lucey, B.Arch.
Lead designerMichael Lucey, B.Arch.
Location:Ennis, Co.Clare, Ireland
Photography creditsMichael Lucey
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