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Architecture | Religious & Spiritual

Mosque of Light

Dabbagh Architects

Project description

Prayer is a devotional act. It requires us to be totally present. With all the distractions in our modern busy lives, it can be challenging to quieten the mind and find an inner calm to allow for full immersion into prayer. The design incorporates a series of spaces that facilitate a transition from the outer everyday world to an inner spiritual experience. the main building volume is separated into two. Firstly, the Prayer block containing the male and female prayer halls and secondly the Ablution block where the ablution facilities and residence for Imam and Moazen are found. The canopy creates both a link and a separation between the Prayer block and the Ablution & Accommodation block. With its two arms almost touching, the canopy represents the duality of body and spirit: the practicality of the ablution ritual and the spirituality of prayer. The Calligraphy plays an important part in the overall design. The words of God, in the form of Quranic verses form a tangible protective band around the mosque. They create an immediate connection upon arrival between the visitor and divine and instill a sacred energy throughout the building. Once in the prayer hall, the use of natural light helps to enhance a feeling of spirituality and the sacred. The connection between the earthly and the divine. The openings are deliberately placed to amplify this connection: The glowing light behind the Mihrab invites the worshippers attention towards Mecca, the direction of prayer. The ‘double skin’ dome also allows natural light to enter, filtering it through the internal layer, which incorporates the same triangulated pattern as the rest of the building. The light through the perforated dome enhances the vertical connection to the Heavens To allow for privacy, the female prayer area is elevated above the Main hall . An open perforated screen provides this separation, while still allowing a connection to the main prayer hall. The site is in al Quoz, the industrial heart of Dubai, is a functional and practical place. The design seeks to amplify further the distinction between the earthly and the spiritual.

Project details
Location:Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Studio NameDabbagh Architects
Lead designerSumaya Dabbagh
Design teamSandrine Quoilin, Aleksandrs Zigalovs, Hana Younes, William Java
Photography creditsGerry O'Leary
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