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Morumbi Urban Houses

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Short description

The project consists of 12 unique houses + wellness center near the park of the Maria Luisa e Oscar Americano Foundation, an institution known for its architectural and environmental heritage in São Paulo. This contemporary concept harmoniously combines modernist traditions with an emphasis on quality of life and a connection to Brazilian nature.

Set amidst a vast forest, the housing and common area seamlessly integrates itself as if it had always been there, evoking a timeless sense of belonging that merges modernism and contemporaneity, tradition and innovation.

Inspired by Oswaldo Bratke's 1950 modernist architecture, the project concept accentuates his dialogue with nature, applying materials such as concrete, glass, and cobogós blocks in a contemporary reinterpretation that engages the senses with elements of opacity, transparency, and translucency.

The design approach also draws upon architectural solutions from Japanese modernism, establishing a cross-disciplinary conversation that embraces universal design principles. It celebrates the contemporary house's concept, highlighting proportion, harmony, and multi-sensory comfort - auditory, tactile, visual, and ergonomic.

Strategically positioned on a triangular terrain, the vertical houses offer privacy and panoramic views of the natural surroundings, from rooftops defined by fluid, organic lines. Each house is imbued with uniqueness through the careful composition of opaque, transparent and translucent façades, and metal sheet panels as cladding. Through their distinct positioning, residences incorporate cobogós blocks in combination with opaque closures or alternating transparency, optimizing the materials based on lighting and natural ventilation orientations. The project seamlessly merges artistic philosophy and technical expertise, achieving efficient solutions while creating exclusive dwellings that showcase individual expressions. This comprehensive approach embodies an efficient replicability strategy.

The interiors echo architectural elements of the units and common areas, fostering a continuous sense of well-being. Coexisting harmoniously with nature and historical context, each 450sqm construction incorporates hollow elements, natural materials, and a monochromatic palette.

Entry details
LocationSão Paulo, Brazil
Lead designerFounder: Greg Bousquet | Associate / General Director: João Vieira | Creative Director: Sávio Jobim | Concept Project Leader: Daniela Bertuol | Technical Director: Renata Cupini | Technical manager: Guilherme Fiorotto | Technical Project Leader: Bianca de Cillo | Photography Director: Thiago Buccieri
Design teamDaniela Regis, Gabriel Correa, Fernando Longhi, Herbert Anthony, Marina Boscov Olivi, Livia Frugoli, Pedro Costa, Thais Lacerda. Rodrigo Poli, Maria Eugenia, Carolina Braido
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