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Miyueyue Blue and White Holy Island Cliff Pool Miyueyue

GS Desing

Short description

The design story revolves around three buildings, with elegant, private space narrative theme, with the help of mountain will cliff pool, caves, blue and white architectural elegant form and natural beauty, and created atmosphere in Santorini’s aethetic.
Distinguish the characteristics of other homestay, the design of the overall function of the full thought. The main body of the building starts with the visual thinking, multi-dimensional window-opening way, made the natural landscape became part of the interior. The material selection of the public dining area based on natural bamboo and wood. The black bamboo bar adds a sedate and mysterious foreign tone.

Entry details
LocationShenzhen City, China
Studio NameGS Desing
Lead designerLiangchao Li , Yuanman Huang
Design teamSoft outfitting director: Feng Yu , Design Team: Fu Qixin, Xu Zuohua, Zheng Yong, Zhong Zhige
Photography creditsAoxiang
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