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Mist Collection for Shaw Contract



Product description

Mist is a new flooring collection that draws inspiration from “komorebi” – the Japanese word that refers to the effect of dappled sunlight as it filters through the trees. This new collection transforms the experience of space in subtle, nuanced ways bringing moments of calm to busy environments, elevating hallways with elegant, understated luxury and providing statement rugs that capture the imagination with a translucent beauty. The industrial team designed a collection that creates an atmosphere of quiet discovery and a sophisticated mystique that enhances the environment around it. With shared values and a passion for innovative and purposeful design, the teams worked seamlessly to produce a collection that is both unique and versatile. Mist transforms the experience of an environment in nuanced ways. Through poetic and rhythmic movement of multiple layers, Mist evokes a subtle moment of design inspiration, to create each of the final pieces. Delighting the senses, Mist captures the imagination with a translucent beauty. Mist’s patterns reveal themselves in slow reflective waves, a meandering of light and shadow with delicately drawn lines. Thoughtful brushstrokes act as windows of light into the layers of each design, unveiling a unique textile beauty. Each carpet has a continuous aesthetic that are perfectly engineered to make the carpet appear as if it were a watercolor painting, a re-imagining of the floor as a work of art. Utilizing the manufacturers dye-injection technology, which allows for endless ink colours to be applied simultaneously, Mist is offered in a total of 18 captivating patterns with an unlimited selection of customizable colourway options.

Product details
Designer / Studio NameREPUBLIC OF II BY IV
Lead designerKeith Rushbrook
Team MembersDan Menchions
Location:Toronto, Canada
Photography creditsIn-house Photography
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