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Photography | Architecture Fine Art

Minorstep – Architecture Fine Art Selection


Photographed by:

George Kroustallis

Short description

For George Kroustallis of Minorstep, digital-focused interdisciplinary creatives are the future of the photography world. Having honed his skills in several creative fields in the architecture, design, and fashion world, the London-based Photographer & creative director is now focusing on combining them in integrative projects.

His latest fine art selection for Loop design awards explores the beauty of form, structure, light, and texture at the intersection of architecture, human presence, and a meditative sense of minimalist calm.

Shot in various locations, from his favorite Cycladic islands in his home country Greece to contemporary galleries in London, the escapist geometric utopia that Kroustallis has conjured unfolds as a landscape where the architecture, art, and design world are one.

Entry details
LocationLondon, UK
Studio Name Minorstep
Photographer NameGeorge Kroustallis
Photography creditsGeorge Kroustallis of Minorstep
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