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Mineral System (Real Marbre)

João Ferros – IDEAS & PROJECTS

Short description

Stone is not just stone.
Stone as a metaphor for the solid path of the company Real Marbre, which has based its entire career on the exploitation of this material, elevating and dignifying it to the highest levels of luxury and exclusivity.
Stone as our inspiration. The premise and the commitment to make this noble and unique material a major highlight throughout the building.

The challenge of working with such special materials, involves seconding our role as architects, minimising dissonance and letting the material shine.
The sobriety and purism of the volumetry is allied to the magnificence of the large marble panels that cover all the surfaces of the building, creating a perception of monumentality and strength so closely linked to the history of the Royal Marbre.
Thus, the three volumes that make up the façade allude to the path of the company itself, materialising this concept through the use of a range of materials inside, and culminating in the third showroom volume clad in a hexagonal metal honeycomb skin that refers to the company's technological innovation.
This minimalism is maintained inside the building, where the materials and the functional logic of the spaces are priorities.

In this project, the stone was not just a stone, the stone was poetry!

The company Real Marbre, bet on conceptualizing a factory that would do justice to its concept. Its sophisticated lines materialized in a building in Viana do Castelo, which became the company's headquarters.
Its marble interior honors the factory that gives it its name, in a project that is composed of three volumes of proportional and colossal size, creating a monumental entrance to the building.
One of the volumes presents a differentiated materiality that alludes to the sophistication and elegance of honeycombs, honoring the innovative technology developed and commercialized by them.

Entry details
LocationViana do Castelo - Portugal
Lead designerJoão Ferros
Design teamJoão Ferros; Diana Nogueira
Photography creditsJoão Morgado
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