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Mimon – Pick Your Seat !

Pratt Institute

Short description

How can we achieve a more inclusive education by changing the classroom seating?
Mimon is a seating collection that accompanies a variety of sizes, shapes and colors that better represent the diverse base of American students, accommodates diverse needs of students.

Mimon seatings have a brilliant interlocking mechanism that does NOT require any screws, glues, or special power tools for a safe self-assembly. Each component interlocks together with the precisely calculated, formed, notches and cap and you can assemble a seat in less than a minute. And of course, it's all flat packable. If there are any broken parts, with this system, you don't have to replace everything, you only have to replace the broken parts, no matter if it's a leg, two legs or even a seating component. This is a huge pro in terms of extending the life cycle of the product and sustainability in the classroom furniture as well as reducing the cost of buying new furniture.

You can have millions of design customization opportunities that accommodate various needs of students as you can mix and match color, height and styles, that perfectly represent the diversity of the American classroom.

Check out the assembly video here -

Entry details
Studio NamePratt Institute
Lead designerMari Morimoto
Photography creditsMari Morimoto
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