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Mercury Hotel Garden

Peyman Kiani Architects

Project description

The design of the Mercury hotel garden was taken from the world under the sea such as corals and amazing fishes which are the first things that appear in your eyes while your fit touches the Persian gulf water on the beach around Kish Island. The goal is to bring a sense of sea calm into the space of the hotel. At night, the lighting of the coral garden reminds the experience of walking on the beach with the view of bioluminescence coastal creatures that are found in the sea line of the Persian gulf. This hotel has been one of the most important constructions in Kish Island since 2019. The entrance area of the hotel and garden is not only bio-phormic, creative, contemporary and modern, but also make an emotional connection with people by its design. As a result of the first phase research team, the research team decided to make contrasts by using different lightings per side and angles. The hotel passengers will enjoy the sea view with the bioluminescence-like coral garden.

Project details
Location:Kish Island - Iran
Studio NamePeyman Kiani Architects
Lead designerPeyman Kiani Falavarjani
Design teamNima Bavardi, Parisa Biriya
Photography creditsMohammad Ali Rezaeiyan
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