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Memory’s Shelf

Joshua Paul Carson

Short description

Memory’s Shelf creates a responsive, supportive surface system that demonstrates fluidity. The system combines repeating pairs of keys and a wall mounted base. At rest, the assembly hugs the wall plane, with each key held lightly upward by a spring. When a key is drawn down, it doesn’t travel far before transmitting the pulling force left and right against the power of the springs creating a wave. A mating surface between the keys and the base stops each key to support an object placed onto the shelf. Removing an object will allow the shelf to return to the wall. To accommodate very long installations, the base allows for multiple stretches of shelving to join either side of shelving lengths already in place without interrupting the key pattern. Memory’s Shelf is made of red oak with a shellac and wax finish.

Entry details
LocationCincinnati - USA
Studio NameJoshua Paul Carson
Lead designerJoshua Paul Carson
Photography creditsBrooke Shanesy
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