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MEMAR Architecture

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The MEMAR Architecture story begins in 2008. With experience in more than 250 projects globally in commercial, governmental, hospitality, and residential projects with various styles and conditions, this firm offers design and build services, including architecture and interior design, supervision of construction, and project management.
MEMAR is based in Dubai, UAE. However, the passion for understanding different types of cultures resulted in providing Memar architectural services all around the world with different styles and conditions and with superior quality.

MEMAR Architecture clarifies the client's requirements and lifestyle and translates them into life in such a stable, functional, usable, adaptable to changes, environmentally friendly, healthy, and elegant way. This is in addition to studying the land's properties and providing a well-studied design that unlocks the full potential of the land aesthetically and practically. Developing innovative building design solutions that push the experience level to the maximum.

The MEMAR team strives to build a strong customer relationship based on trust, commitment, passion, respect, and integrity, with impressive client service throughout. Moreover, the design team is aware that designs should go beyond feel-good aesthetics as they affect the mental and physical well-being of the building occupants. All the designs are well-studied to evoke comfort, peace, happiness, and safety, in addition to improving air quality and natural lighting. Also, ensure that residents feel at "home" in their homes

MEMAR's passion for architecture and thorough understanding of details, materials, textures, function requirements, and lighting lead us to create the most precise, elegant, and opportune designs. Each material is well-designed in such a way that we can make the most of its functionality by placing it in the right place and giving it the task that suits it.
We strive for an integrated design solution for each project that seamlessly unites architecture, interiors, and furnishings through a unified design intent. MEMAR is committed to achieving the owner’s goals in a way that suits the environment and in a process of understanding the demands of the market.
The team consists of young architects as we believe in the revolution of young minds that makes us see the future of architecture through their creativity and imagination.
Additionally, MEMAR architecture is a firm dedicated to the mental and physical safety and well-being of everyone associated with the enterprise, including our staff, subcontractors, construction workers, and clients; your safety is our top priority. We are aware of our business, and we set customer needs and satisfaction as our priority with a team that works as one.

The Memar team achieves their work with shared values based on trust, commitment, passion, respect, and integrity, with impressive client service throughout. We deliver our services; in consistently high quality, Incomparable value, and ceaseless innovation.
We have a polite attitude toward our clients, we deliver respect to them before providing the work and service. We ensure listening to them, understanding their problems; and lifestyles, and solving them through our designs.
We are aware of our business, and we set customer needs and satisfaction as our priority with a team that works as one.

Nature and art are a big inspiration for us; everything from natural colors, rainbows, flowers, beehives, wasps' nests; and many more are elements that we consider to create new expressions from them and translate them into magnificent designs.
Plus, trips to different countries, learning about cultures, and innovative building designs that are located in the UAE and outside.
We also get inspiration from recognizing mental and physical needs in society and solving them through our designs.
And, of course, we are always up-to-date with the latest trends in architecture and interior design, visiting showrooms and art galleries.

MEMAR architecture company has garnered international acclaim, proudly adorned with numerous prestigious global awards, cementing its reputation as a beacon of excellence in the architectural realm.
Opal Award 2021 - Residential Project
Luxury Lifestyle Award 2022 - Best Luxury Lifestyle Architect Studio In Dubai
Architecture Masterprize - Firm Of The Year
BLT Design Awards - Architectural Category - Residential
Luxury Lifestyle Award 2022 - Top 100 Architects In Dubai
Opal Award 2022 - Platinum Winner - Architectural Design
IDA Design Award - Winner - Architectural Design - Honorable Mention - Interior Design
LICC Award - Shortlisted - Architectural Design - Official Selection - Architectural Design
Luxury Lifestyle Award 2023 - Best Luxury Villa Architecture
LIV Hospitality Design Award - Winner In Architectural - Living Space

Memar Architecture's headquarters are in Dubai, UAE, at Barsha Heights, Grosvenor Business Tower, Office 1206. TEL: + 971 4 87 48 031
P.O.BOX 181982, DUBAI

MEMAR Strategy: Study lands and their properties and provide a creative design that unlocks the full potential of lands aesthetically and practically to exhibit new remarkable projects and positively impact people and, as a result, the entire country.

Develop innovative building design solutions and solve many complex problems related to building structure as well as aesthetics to spread awareness on the impact of architecture and interior design on productivity, mood, and health.

MEMAR Vision: Our unparalleled, respectful, knowledgeable, and honest service is one of the prime reasons our clients choose to do business with us continually. We would like to stress at this point that we are committed to bringing your vision to life and to eliciting an enthusiastic emotional response.

MEMAR Mission "seek long-term relationships with the clients, meet their expectations, continue team-building with different backgrounds, and create an extraordinary and innovative atmosphere."

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LocationUnited Arab Emirates
Lead designerAbdullah Al Akkad, Amr Al Akkad
Photography creditsMEMAR architecture
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