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Meditation Kit+

SOPA - Society Particular, Zuocheng Architect & Associates

Short description

Our innovative tranquil contemplative space seamlessly integrates meditation areas into busy public settings, offering a serene escape for individuals seeking mental rejuvenation and well-being. The design features versatile switchable modes, catering to diverse preferences and providing an enriching experience for users. The Meditation Mode fosters solitude for deep introspection, while the Tiered Mode encourages social interactions and group meditation sessions. The Inverse Tiered Mode transforms into a cozy mini-cinema for relaxation through entertainment. The Tea Mode offers a semi-open space for conversations and peaceful moments. The Table and Chair Mode creates a cozy reading nook. The installation's structure combines lightweight steel frames and wood, ensuring stability, safety, and an elegant appeal. The plywood base finish enhances aesthetics and durability. Our tranquil contemplative space represents a transformative escape, inviting individuals to find tranquility and connect with others in a bustling world.

Entry details
LocationBeijing - China
Lead designerYong Cui
Design teamPing Lu
Consultant teamEdge Corner Lin Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.; Jiangde Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
Photography creditsSOPA
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