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Maraajaan Gallery

Iman Aminlari

Short description

The city of Isfahan is splendor of history, culture and art. The challenge of the project was the renovation and design of the café gallery which was located in a street that is adjacent to Ayineh Khaneh BLVD with historical places around it . This project is designed to be a suitable place for holding art exhibitions and showing the works of contemporary and young artists . Considering that galleries always have their specific users 2 other functions of café and art shop were suggested to the client to help to increase the users and their connection with art . Designing the interior of an art gallery has an effect on the visual perception of visitors and interior circulation. Moreover, this gallery in the historical city had to be designed in a way that inspires a new generation of artists , inviting and arousing curiosity of passers-by. The curved forms used in the corners make the space more melodious, lighter and visually expanded. The idea of the oval semi-open spaces with suspended walls in the middle of the project was formed to provide more flexible function and lighter space for better use in larger exhibitions. Therefore, an attractive and dynamic atmosphere was created that ensures better circulation. Arches created in the project also evoking the arches of ancient bridges around it that date back to Safavid Era and they created beautiful visual open , semi-open and closed spaces.In project everything that was added to the original building is white. The ceilings of oval semi-open spaces are made of mirrors which were used in old mansions in the past which created attractive reflections and have the identity of the past architecture.These mirrors are not visible form the street side and the user should be in the semi-open spaces to experience it.

Entry details
Studio Name Iman Aminlari
Lead designerIman Aminlari
Design teamMorteza Hassanzadeh
Photography creditsMohammad Hassan Ettefagh
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