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Mangala Resort & Spa

Malik Lip & Associates Sdn Bhd

Short description

The Landscape Design Theme - AGRO-TROPICAL RESORT

Mangala Resort & Spa is the result of a successful ecotourism sentiment in Gambang, Pahang in which after 16 years of earnest rehabilitation efforts, transformed 400-acres of abandoned tin-mining grounds into the resplendent tropical paradise that it is today and will continue to present opportunities for scenic recreation, wellness, ecological and preservation of wildlife habitat.

Surrounded by oil palm plantations, the resort is like a natural haven, a distinct break between cities as it becomes an “accent on the green” as the contrast approach is applied on this project to create the focal object amongst the green surroundings. Mangala’s concept of complimenting the existing agricultural greeneries with the built environment is a vision that turns out to be a perfect symbolic way to anticipate the benefits of the existing surroundings.

An expansive lake is found in the site and to maintain the ambience, a swimming & wading pool and reflection ponds were designed to generate cooling effects as part of energy efficient buildings. The green architecture is found in the design’s awareness of the site, its sensitivity to Malaysia’s tropical climate and landscape, and its mission of sustainability.

Natural and manmade elements are integrated to form a perfect harmony. Tropical sustainability is maintained to maximize shade, cross ventilation, natural green surrounding, absorption by plants and bridge channeling. The central Agro-Tropical Resort theme is about the power of culture and artistic creativity to enhance the quality of life. This theme provides environmental benefits - a symbol that belongs to Mangala Resort & Spa which does its part to enliven the place symbolically and become a heavenly hideout amidst Nature.

While Mangala Resort and Spa offers an eco-leisure experience, the Biophillic Approach of Landscape Design had been adopted in the landscape planning which is the integration of the new built landscape with the existing Oil Palm plantations and Fruit Orchards that has made a successful cohesion between Architecture and the Natural surroundings, thus has created a perfect natural haven.

Entry details
LocationGambang, Kuantan, Pahang. Malaysia
Lead designerLAr. Michael Lip Yoke Cheong
Design teamRahem Kamdi & Vikki Pichay
Photography creditsMalik Lip & Associates Sdn Bhd, Mangala Resort & Spa& TripAdvisor website
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