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Mandviwala Qutub and Associates

Mandviwala Qutub and Associates (MQA)

Short description

Architecture is a wonderful amalgamation of science and art. Both these parameters go hand in hand to create a systematic and harmonious design. Every structure however large or small is an entity with its own characteristics and interactions generating emotions and experiences like a living being. We work on playing with form, space, function and colours to create magnificent possibilities.
MQA has a rich work experience of 30 years in architecture design. The team at MQA concentrates on delivering smart and efficient designs which are created with keeping our eyes in the future. It is through built spaces that we experience life. MQA firmly believes that as architects and urban planners we influence the way human existence evolves. Our principles stand on the foundation of sustainability and context of architecture. Our designs don’t follow a specific design style, but they are governed by the location and context of the surrounding as one needs to be able to adapt to the environment they are in and pay importance to the functionality of the structure.
Over the decades we have watched India grow and have proudly contributed to the growth with our structures. One of the biggest urban renewal projects in Asia, Bhendi Bazaar Redevelopment Project, is getting beautifully executed by MQA under the leadership of Ar. Qutub Mandviwala. We have designed and executed residential structures in multiple one and two tier cities in India and UAE. Having a minimalist and modern flair in our designs is of importance for us as we believe that the internal spaces and user experience is what makes architecture great.

Entry details
LocationMumbai - India
Lead designerQutub Mandviwala
Design teamMita Patel, Nandita Agnohotri, Mihir Kulkarni, Darshan Shah, Adhir Mahajan, Kuldeep Patil
Photography creditsPradnya Ranaware, Prajakt Patil, Yamini Krishna
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