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Main Hall – Theater Zuidplein

Studio RAP in collaboration with De Zwarte Hond & BURO M2R

Project description

The main auditorium of Theater Zuidplein is an eye-catching design, and not just because of its use of bright shades of red. It’s an enormous aluminum-composite puzzle, consisting of 6,000 uniquely shaped pieces. Studio RAP is pioneering the integration of digital techniques in the construction process, realizing projects with a complete digital workflow. With this innovative approach, by digitizing the wall design from start to finish with self-developed algorithms, the project could be realized within budget and planning. At Studio RAP we combine parametric design and digital fabrication in a new and innovative way. We do this by making a complete digital workflow from design to production. For the interior of the Zuidplein Theater we combined generative acoustic simulation with robotic 2D-milling and folding of sheet metal. Our parametric design process starts with choosing a fixed unit with a set of rules. In this project we choose a mesh of triangles. This unit was informed and transformed with acoustic simulations to generate an optimal sound experience. This triangle was also able to support itself and had engraved information to determine its position, rotation and angles. The undulating unit uncovers the information that created the shape. The topology of the interior shows areas of reflection and absorption. Because of this approach, the simulation data becomes visible and is also used to its full potential. The interior is about sound, so it shows a gradient of reflecting and absorbing soundwaves on its walls. All the phases of this project have been realized fully digitally, from design to realization. Through the algorithmic design of Studio RAP, engineering firm Arup made its acoustic and structural calculations and RAP generated all production data for the contractor Aldowa. The advantage of this method is that everything remains digital and therefore variable. This makes it possible to make changes without any problems until late in the realization process. In this way, different design scenarios can easily be tested for planning and technical and financial feasibility. It was successful through collaboration.The contribution of Buro M2R in a an interior that matched the architecture was indispensable, as was our collaboration with De Zwarte Hond, architects of Theater Zuidplein.

Project details
Location:Rotterdam - The Netherlands
Studio NameStudio RAP in collaboration with De Zwarte Hond & BURO M2R
Lead designerStudio RAP: Wessel van Beerendonk
Design teamDe Zwarte Hond: Bart van Kampen ; BURO M2R: Martijn Sorée, Roger Teunisse
Photography creditsPim Top
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