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Madroños 27-29 Residence

Bueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos

Project description

The convergence of orientation and views at noon on the front access of the plot, led us to positioning the façades rotated 45º with respect to the orthogonal limits of the plot. The family profile of the inhabitants of the park area, made us opt for a homogeneous typology for all homes, both in size and program. Three different types were created: ground floor houses with private gardens and individual pools, dwellings on intermediate floors overlooking their terraces and duplex penthouses with private gardens and pools spatially connected to the interior space through large glass panels. The architecture of the building enhances the privacy of homes and defines the volume without compromising its functionality. The common areas, the gym, gardens and pool, enriches the access areas, being part of it but without giving up privacy The choice of materials and the design of the construction details have been developed to make their integration and understand the whole as a unit at the same time of guaranteeing their noble aging. The detail solves the landscaping of the perimeter of the terraces in the plane of the ground in order not to interfere with the views. For this, a vessel housing the soil and landscaping, is built on profiles and laminated steel plates which cantilever from the edge of the concrete slab. In this edge profile, glass parapets are anchored to enclose the terraces.

Project details
Location:Madrid - Spain
Studio NameBueso-Inchausti & Rein Arquitectos
Lead designerAlejandro Bueso-Inchausti, Pablo Rein and Edgar Bueso-Inchausti
Design teamCollaborating Architects: Fabricio Cordido, Gonzalo Nieto, Vanessa Poncio, María Zuazo, Antonio García and Carmen Jorge (draftsman). Quantity Surveyor: Antonio Gil Melero.
Photography creditsAlfonso Quiroga Ferro
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