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Tomas Schats

Short description

This work is about our cultural growth and development of economies, we will deplete our earth.
It is about energy shortage.

Underneath a small introduction of myself and my way of working:

A part of Tomas Schats his work consists of editorial illustrations for clients such as NRC and the VPRO.
The illustrations are small lightfooted narratives. The visual stories are layered and occasionally take unexpected turns,
with the purpose to mislead the viewer in a subtle manner.

Working as an illustrator influences his spatial designs.
For 5 years now he is translating his visual stories into three-dimensional designs.
The sculptures of Tomas Schats rise out of his curiousity about people and how they are responding to the world surrounding them.
The sculptures relate and reflect to the environment in which we live, and are visualizing ideas and thoughts with a twist.

In a subtle manner and with humor, the sculptures transform situations which, at the first glance,
seem impossible and too difficult to change.
The sculptures tell stories about humankind, with all its possibilities and limitations and are based on reality,
but transcend it in a subtle manner from which everything superfluous has been omitted.
Visualizing the narratives in the most concise way possible, to seduce the visitor to (re-)think these (common) situations.

Entry details
LocationRotterdam, Netherlands
Studio Name Tomas Schats
Lead designerTomas Schats
Design team-
Photography creditsIlco Kemerre
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