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Architecture | Sports & Recreation

Low-energy Sports Hall Mengeš

Gartner Architects / Gartner Arhitekti

Short description

The new sports hall is located directly next to Mengeš Primary School. To the east of the intended construction site flows the river Pšata while the entire area is characterized by extensive green park-like and recreation areas. These exceptional qualities of the surroundings were the main drivers in the placement of the building and the design of the hall itself.
The main entrance to the building is located on its northern side. It is defined by two offset walls and an access ramp. From the entrance hall, where a ticket shop is located, there is direct access to the stands and basements. At the basement level, there are, in addition to the main hall with three training spaces, also changing rooms for participants and referees, as well as technical rooms. The connection between the hall and the elementary school was deliberately made with an underground connecting tract to preserve the maximum openness and transition of the outdoor space.
We wanted to implement a responsible approach to sustainable construction, not only through energy efficiency but also through the selection of materials. We chose wood as the primary structural material.

Entry details
LocationMengeš - Slovenia
Lead designerJernej Gartner, Brigita Gartner, Gregor Košorok
Design teamJernej Gartner, Brigita Gartner, Gregor Košorok, Maša Malgaj Novak, Domen Gjergek, Alenka Jager, Anže Kumar
Photography creditsJernej Gartner and Municipality of Mengeš
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