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Loucun Wetland Park

Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute(Group)co.,ltd.

Short description

From the perspective of water environment management, the design continues the function of the site as a district's rain and flood regulation and storage, integrates the water purification process into the park landscape art, and creates an artificial wetland park that integrates recreation and water science education for the citizens. We hope to combine ecological technology and landscape art to bring citizens closer to a literary and artistic water purification journey. This is also in response to the ecologically bright, happy and bright area positioning.
The main consideration in the design is the technological process of water ecological treatment, from the purification of the biochemical sedimentation tank through the undercurrent wetland to the creation of natural streams. Finally, the clear water enters the river. We hope to show this beautiful process to the citizens. You can experience the rocky beaches and streams created by simulating nature.

Entry details
LocationGuangming District, Shenzhen City,China
Studio NameShanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute(Group)co.,ltd.
Lead designerMa Li, Shen Zhenzhong, Yang Lili, Yang Long, Zhao Jiu
Design teamLao Shuling, Cai Xiaoxu, Tan Yunjing, Sun Ni, Cheng Lihao, Fan Haihui, Ren Siguang - Construction Team: CCCC First Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd.
Photography creditsShanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute(Group)co.,ltd.
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