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Mokki Design

Short description

Lorca is a ceiling lamp that brings a sculptural note to any space, as well as a human interaction through its poem, it explores the human experience beyond visual.
The lamp is a thin vertical line coming straight from the ceiling, displaying an excerpt of poetry along this line. The poem is attached along one edge of the square body with a perfect reading and highlight to this main feature. The lamp is entirely made in iron and naturally oxidized, obtaining an irregular and natural finishing with the colored accents of rusty. The light fixture Led hidden at the end of the body creates an accent light.
The creation of this design reflects a mix of inspirations that are always close to me and my journey. Everything that is most pure and intimate to me as a person, is translated later into the creations I make. Literature is one of my great passions along with art and architecture. Through poetry I wanted to create a dialogue, between the words, the forms, the textures, and the spectator. An interactive and emotional connexion between the deepest intimacy and the purpose of this piece.
I wanted to create a design that could make us more aware and conscious of our spirit, could bring sensitivity to the materials, combining craftsmanship, technology, art and social culture at the same time. A design that tie us at the same time to our history, to our consciousness and creativity, in order to improve life and create a dialogue, through my personal vision and experiences.

Naturally oxidized iron with matt finish, produced in a limited edition of 10 pieces by each chosen literary author. This lamp is designed to be customizable in height, on request, to better fit all interiors. Standard Dimensions: Height 1600mm, Width 40mm x 90mm.

Entry details
LocationSintra - Portugal
Studio Name Mokki Design
Lead designerMónica Pinto de almeida
Photography creditsTiago Costa
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