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Longfor Suzhou Paradise Walk

Short description

Longfor Suzhou Paradise Walk is a community-based commercial complex located on the bank of Yangcheng Lake. The malls are divided by a waterway and situated on both sides of the the river. The west block is larger and has a central plaza looking towards the waterway, serving as the hub of the retail center; the east block is long and narrow, serving as a children activity center. Based on our observation and research, the spatial tenet of commercial landscape coincides with theater typologies; in which, both seeks to celebrate formal and informal gathering with multiplicity of sight lines to promote active participation and interaction. A successful commercial landscape while satisfying both community and operational needs requires not only a central plaza, but a series of flexible and multi-functional inter-relational spaces that encourages people to socialize, play, observe and rest. In our early conception, we strategized to implement theatre typologies into the public realm of our project that will ultimately elevate human experience and commercial success. In this project, we strategized the creation of 6 differentiated prototype theatre spaces within the site - a series of unique gathering places belonging to the city: the landscape space is a series of stages for our city, and the public life of the Xinghu community is the repertoire staged within it. The landscape design aims to connect and reinforce the relationship of the subdivided retail by conceptualizing the three-dimensional relationship along the waterfront spaces, creating insertions of multiple pocketed participatory spaces along the waterfront. Through our theaterism prototype place-making, the project has successfully elevated the standard of urban public realm in commercial landscape practices. It is not only a center for commercial and community gathering, but a highly activated public realm that encourages civic life and recreations.

Entry details
Studio Name FLO
Lead designerLei Guo
Design teamKai Fu, Lihui Yang, Bingyan Wang, Yayun Ni, Luhui Xiong, Yihao Ou
Photography creditsNancy Studio
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