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Liquid Gold | The Brandy

Williams & Gauld

Short description

The project vintage brandy from Aronia-Gut Marquardt designed by Williams & Gauld is a combination of finest color design and high expert printing techniques. The black white label was produced using a special printing process with four complex steps for a perfect and unique impression. In the first step, the color of the brandy liquid was analyzed in detail. In the next step, a special process was used to match the gold tone on the label exactly to the brandy. This creates a perfect color harmony between the label and the product. The gold tone was specifically generated for this product and finished with a partial varnish. As a third color element, all white areas were additionally printed as a spot color in the final step. Another visual effect was achieved by using two shades of black. It creates the illusion of a second label having been applied over it. To complete the minimalist color concept, the wax seal was cast directly on the glass in a panther black using special, sustainable wax. Another dimension of color depth that opens up a visual and haptic horizon for the viewer.

Entry details
Lead designerAlexandra Williams
Design teamGunnar Marquardt, Stefanie Marquardt, Lisa Pontius
Photography creditsAlexandra Williams, Lisa Pontius
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