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Light Waterfall

Kris Lin International Design

Project description

This project is located in Wuhan, which is also known as Jiangcheng because it has many rivers. Water is the theme in this case. The architectural design conveys the relation of water, architecture and nature by a transparent concept. The designer integrate the three parts of interior,architecture,landscape into one and form a experience space of gallery-style exhibition in the way of integration of architecture, interior and landscape. A large pool is designed in front of the architecture and it looks like that the whole building is floating on the water. We design a luminous water curtain wall for exterior elevation of the architecture to echoing the theme of water. Luminous water curtain wall is consisted by LED light strips, the running light strip looks like running water, which is reflected in the water pond. The water curtain wall has two surfaces, one is the exterior elevation of the architecture and the other is the interior background wall.

Project details
Location:Wuhan - China
Studio NameKris Lin International Design
Lead designerKris Lin
Design teamAnda Yang
Photography creditsPhoto by KLID
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