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Light Patio

Kris Lin International Design

Short description

Project Background
The project serves as a community public space, providing a place for socializing and interaction within the entire community. It aims to address the issue of the prevailing indifference in modern urban living by fostering communication and interaction among neighbors. The project's main challenge lies in its location in an underground space, which results in poor natural lighting and relatively deep interior spaces.
1. Improving the Disadvantages - Introducing SUNSHINE
Adapting to the conditions and working with the natural flow, courtyard design is introduced to create a unique fifth facade within the interior space, harmonizing with the ground-level landscape. This design approach allows for the introduction of natural light into the interior, addressing the issue of insufficient lighting. A water courtyard is strategically placed between the reception area and the main space, creating a space rhythm of anticipation and restraint, where a distinct contrast between light and shadow is formed just a wall apart.

2. Enhancing Advantages - Fluid Space

The cafe is strategically positioned facing the outdoor river landscape, creating a fluid space that captures people's attention through the flowing patterns of water. The maximization of windows allows for ample natural light while dividing the social territory through the scenic views provided by the window panes. The exhibition area features a wavy-shaped suspended ceiling, accentuated by lighting strips that highlight the design structure. Artistic installation lights resembling stars are incorporated to create a dynamic and artistic atmosphere in the space.

Entry details
LocationNanning, China
Lead designerKris Lin, Anda Yang
Photography creditsKLID
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