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Li Bai Tang


Short description

Li Bai Tang, aims to inherit and innovate quality Sichuan cuisine. The overall space is built around the core IP poet Li Bai and his era. It is hoped that diners can enjoy exquisite Sichuan cuisine and immerse themselves in the style of the prosperous age of the Tang Dynasty and the Oriental aesthetic presented under modern design techniques. Designer Wei Zhixue skillfully implemented Li Bai, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, as the main element of the whole case. It is not only a simple place to eat, but also a spiritual home carrying an exciting life. We believe that the past is the best experience when it turns into being the future.
The significance of space design is not a simple commercial interior design, but to re-recognize and interpret the poet Li Bai and his personality charm, re-combine the space level and time level, and release the space as a spiritual field connecting the emotions across time and space.
Modern thoughts and traditional consciousness collide, oppose and integrate in space. Under the specially designated relationship with ambiguous and equivocal, Li Bai Tang extreme presents the enthusiastic and unrestrained style of the prosperous Tang Dynasty and the modern avant-garde charm.

Entry details
LocationHangzhou - China
Lead designerWei Zhixue, Xie Kaiming
Design teamWu Guibi, Pan Ping, Jiang Renpu, Yu Yuanhui, Xu Peng
Photography creditsPan Jie
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