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Short description

LEIKA. Screwless Trestles. The project showcases the ability to create simple and sleek designs using basic components, leveraging advanced technologies available in the market.

For this project, I opted to utilize 3D laser cutting technology on galvanized steel profiles. This technique allows for controlled weakening of the steel profile, enabling effortless bending and secure geometric locking, resulting in sturdy and uncomplicated trestles.

The inspiration for this project stemmed from a material experiment conducted during a workshop at my university, as well as visits to heavy industries and factories specializing in laser cutting, bending, erosion, castings, burning, extrusion, and blowing.

I firmly believe that in any design, it is crucial to explore the most minimalistic approach feasible, minimizing environmental impact. This philosophy is evident in the essence of Leika.

Entry details
LocationTel Aviv, Israel
Studio NameLEIKA
Lead designerNimrod Shani
Design teamNimrod Shani
Photography creditsNimrod Shani
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