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Leika House

Short description

This project is located in Braga. The proposed volumetry presents a single-family scale, contemporary and intends to contemplate and help to stabilize the terrain where it is inserted, proposing a new character to the terrain. The intervention, considering the land to be intervened with an area of ​​14,495 m², is approach the existing land with an intention that the proposed volume will participate positively on the existing building site and following its dialogue with the street front that has been forming, in a fruition of modernist architecture and a recent past. Our intention in this project is to create a bond, a perfect coexistence. The proposed volume is divided into two levels, with the ground floor to the north being the garage and gym; on the same level to the south, with work areas for office and photography and technical spaces; and the central part is the swimming pool and entrance area making the body of stairs leading to the upper level is an iconic and “knuckle” piece of the intervention. On the upper level to the north we find the social area (with the living room, kitchen, laundry and storage) connected by service accesses (stairs and elevator at the garage and gym; on this upper level to the south we find the private area with 4 bedrooms. As materiality, we wanted the various spaces to be related to each other, using as dominant materials exposed concrete and wood. A game between different concrete stereotomies and the use of wood in coverings, shutters and slats is intended. This game of materiality is transmitted to the volumetry, in which the volume of the first floor overlaps that of the ground floor, projecting itself beyond it, providing shade, protection and “levitation”. This visual effect is amplified with the design of balconies and negatives.

Entry details
Location:Espinho - Portugal
Lead designerDiogo Lacerda
Design teamDiogo Lacerda; Helder Matos; Joana Antunes; Helder Mendes; David Sousa; Carlos Câmara
Photography creditsRDLM Arquitectos
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