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Leaf Shaped Tea Pavillion

Guanzhuscape Design Studio

Short description

The project is located in a famous green tea producing area in Rizhao, Shandong Province, China, surrounded by mountains and rivers. Inspired by the tea leaf,architect creates a leaf shaped roof stretching upward from the ground, gently floating down the mountain like a mysterious object. Especially when the lighting comes out while darkness falling, an UFO appears.
The pavilion constructed by steel structure as a whole, hanging over to the side of the highway. Its fluid curve forms a symbolic space. the best position for beautiful landscape of the mountain and lake viewing is wildly open,framing the natural scenery which interpret the painting concept of seeing and being seen in Chinese landscape painting.
The pavilion becomes the first landmark along the road leading to the village. Remind villagers a sense of being back to home the moment seeing it. It also provides a shelter for villagers no matter it is sunny or pouring. It serves as an infrastructure for villager to have a rest also a place for people to enjoy the countryside scenery after day’s field work. Its impressive shape not only being a symbol of the village, but also helping to revitalize the countryside through art space creating.

Entry details
Lead designerKong Xiangwei
Photography credits-
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