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Estúdio AMATAM

Short description

After the first concept KRUSH-IT fitness boutique designed in 2016, this second unit aimed to look bolder and more mature, embracing more ventures. The challenge of this project and the main goal was to design a gym that looks as unique as possible while keeping a low budget and still a stylish appearance. By responding imaginatively to the task, we tried to use modest materials in new ways resulting in a space with an industrial look, yet luxurious in some details.
Using mainly a colour scheme from grey to black and different material textures, we managed to give more or less roughness to the space feeling.
Functionally we were constrained to develop a layout in an existing retail space to accommodate a tri-studio fitness concept with an exercise/cardio open space. Moreover, the reception, the changing rooms, some staff offices and a Kids Room define the other areas.
In terms of materials, all the walls were built in concrete blocks, most of the time left uncovered, while for the training areas floor covering the choice was recycled rubber tire grain, because of its impact absorption capacity and noise reduction ability, in the rest of the areas concrete was poured in the floor, along with black terrazzo tiles.
To emphasize the reception, the lounge and the dressing room entrance, glossy square tiles were used to enhance the contrast between the surrounding materials.
Also, the illumination played an essential role in the space design, creating an immersive fitness experience. The reception area and the main circulation are lit by vertical industrial light fittings framed by a distended metal sheet, taking advantage of the ceiling height, which adds a distinct underground atmosphere to the gym. On the other spaces, different lighting approaches aim for the same principle.

Entry details
LocationCoimbra - Portugal
Lead designerJoão Amaral + Manuela Tamborino
Design teamRui Cardoso, André Oliveira
Photography creditsGarcês
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