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Kobe Yukizaki

eleven nine interior design office

Short description

The metallic appearance makes the sunlight shine dully.

At twilight, the stainless steel looks more massive, reflecting the streetlights in a glaring wet color. As the night becomes deeper, the existence becomes darker.

The Kobe store of “Gem Castle Yukizaki”, which has been in business for over 40 years. The Former Foreign Settlement was built when the port of Kobe opened.
In 1983, the remaining historical landscape of modern Western-style architecture was designated as an "Urban Landscape Formation Area”. We reconstructed the street-scape of the Former Foreign Settlement within the store, and imagined a space dotted with wrapped boxes.

The exterior is made of stainless steel with the jeweler's family crest sandblasted and then oxidized in a bronze color. The frame of the sash makes the glittering interior space attractive like a painting. In the interior, the front wall of the entrance is covered with Tinos green, a native of Greece. As you walk through the store, you will see a series of wall arches and classical showcases.
The bracket light shaped relief of the wall arches is half way crimped to the mirror. The reflection of the mirror makes it look complete. The furniture is made of stainless steel, sandblasted with the family crest of the jewelry store, and then baked and painted in beige. The mirror on the wall at the end of the space visually expands the scenery toward the further end of the space.

The modern minimal design is placed in the history of the Former Foreign Settlement. It will integrate into the street-scape as time goes by.

Entry details
LocationKobe-shi, Hyogo,Japan
Lead designerTakeshi Nagata
Photography creditsSeiryo Yamada
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