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Kalbod Studio

Short description

Due to the location of the site and close to the fourth ring of Isfahan and the traffic of students of Khomeini Shahr and Najafabad industrial and free universities and managers of various industries, as well as being located on the main route Isfahan-Tehran from the route and
proximity to industrial factories and educational centers and institutions We are trying to design the communication route between the Technology Trade Center and the Museum Garden in a German way in order to attract people, investors and students in the field of technology.In the urban plan, the organization and placement of functional spots suitable for the needs of students and professors around the University of Technology has not been defined. Student conference to use and perform various functions to strengthen and revive the texture of the region.An effective axis for connecting highway users to the connecting urban element, which at the same time has a flexible urban spatial quality with gallery spaces, has been considered by the designers in the project design.

Entry details
LocationEsfahan, Iran
Studio Name Kalbod Studio
Lead designerMohamad Rahimizadeh
Design teamShaghayegh Nemati - Atefe Zolfaghari
Photography creditsShaghayegh Nemati
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