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KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Social Housing

PDG Architects

Short description

With its integrated approach to the city; functional architectural design; green areas and recreation units; KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Housing project takes the social housing concept in Turkey to the next level. Contrary to the housing complexes, disconnected from the city with walls and controlled entrance-exit gates, the neighborhood texture was maintained, with the existing pedestrian and vehicle axes of the city continuing within the housing group. Closing the balconies through informal means is a common practice in Turkey in order to gain more space. Balconies of approximately 5 m² are designed to be used open, customized with the colors.

This project underlines a “right to design” in addition to the right to shelter, which coincides with the right to life. An alternative finance model is developed with convenient payment options for Istanbul residents who don’t own a house. In addition to 50 quotas each for disabled citizens, families of martyrs and survivors from war and duty, 50 residences were allocated to healthcare workers.

Within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals, special attention was paid to the needs of women, children, the disabled and the elderly. Accessible spaces are created in order to increase road safety. Pedestrian and bicycle use is encouraged with an alternative circulation setup supported by stairs and ramps.
It is shaped by a participatory design approach by taking the opinions of the users from the very beginning. The surveys guided the design and finance model decisions. A transparent construction process was carried out by regularly sharing construction site videos on KİPTAŞ’s social media accounts.
The delivery of the project sets an example that a high-quality and safe construction can be completed in a short time since the delivery of the flats has started 5 months before the end date of the project’s contract.

Entry details
Locationİstanbul - Turkey
Studio Name PDG Architects
Lead designerMurat Şahin
Design teamMurat Şahin, Cengiz Gültek, Eylem İşler Kahraman, Ayhan Öçkaç, Can Özkan, Deniz Yıldırım, AnnaCojocar, Büşra Nur Topyıldız (PDG Architects); KİPTAŞ Department of Survey and Projects
Photography creditsCemal Emden, Mustafa Alkaç / KİPTAŞ
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