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KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Social Housing: User’s Guide

KİPTAŞ (Istanbul Residence Development Plan Industry and Trade Co.)

Short description

Taking social housing standards to the next level, KİPTAŞ implemented a social responsibility project to accompany the KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Housing project. It has prepared a User’s Guide for habitants to get to know the project better and to find answers to all their questions about their houses. Through this guide, which is delivered with the apartment keys, residents can access information about the district they live in, the housing project, the block and flat they live in, and record the maintenance and renovations in their homes. It aims to give brief information about this architecturally awarded project and how to maintain it, since informing residents are usually neglected in Turkey.
The guide’s first chapter focuses on the location of the project, “Silivri”.
The second chapter “Architecture” focuses on the architectural features of the project: such as the pedestrian roads, car parking, building blocks, commercial and recreational areas.
In the third chapter “Social Life”; commercial, recreational areas and the daycare service are explained.
The fourth Chapter “Housing Typologies”, includes each of the 4 blocks floor and typical plans with easy-to-understand graphics, indicates the entrances and information about the room sizes.
The fifth chapter “Architectonics”, explains the structural system; the materials used; water, heat and sound isolations; electrical installation and generators; television, internet and intercom systems; heating/ cooling and air conditioning installations and elevators.
“Safety Measures” chapter informs the users about the accidents that can happen in the house, disasters and emergency cases.
In the “Architectural Renovation” chapter, the essential information about the maintenance and renovation are explained and Maintenance and Repair Charts are added for users to follow up their modifications and to transfer the information to the new tenants or home-owners.
In the final chapter of the guide, information about the site management and general rules are explained.

Entry details
Locationİstanbul - Turkey
Lead designerBinat Architectural Media Group
Design teamKİPTAŞ Department of Press, Promotion and Media; Binat Architectural Media Group (Alp Şerif Besen, Aslı Erdem, Ayşegül Tuğtepe, Banu Binat, Gül Dönmez, Meltem Merve İmamoğlu, Neslihan İmamoğlu, Neslihan Şık, Sibel Senyücel, Sinem Yılmaz)
Photography creditsKİPTAŞ & Binat Architectural Media Group
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