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Matilian Space Design

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We strive to consider the relationship over and over between people and people, people and space, and between people and nature in every home, and at the same time explore the best balance between commonness and individuality, rationality and sensibility, movement and stillness, so as to achieve the perfection of life and put abundant power into the day-to-day departure and return.
During the design of the 898㎡ three-storey villa, we took "perfect life" as the origin and understood the life needs of different relationships in the space, paid attention to and figured out the social balance, spatial and environmental balance of the house, we built a warm and elegant artistic feelings in the limited space, and strengthened the sense of connection and humanization of the space.
To maximize the value of the building, deciding the overall architecture is an important step. For the floor height is the advantage of the house body, we adopt the wave shaped top design to make the simple and lively modeling structure closer to the sense of distance between people and space. The background wall is divided in a ratio of 3:2, and different materials are spliced to close the large space with a floor height of nearly 6.5 meters, so as not to make the empty pattern appear too open, but also make the living room stay more visual focus.
It is worth mentioning that the use of frameless glass ensures good indoor lighting to the greatest extent. Even in winter, when the height of sun is lower, the sunshine can share into the house deeply. In this way, indoor and outdoor are organically integrated, it can be close to nature, energy conservation and environmental protection.
For the interior decoration of the space, we pay more attention to and consider the continuity and natural sense of details, and use gray wood color as the main tone to infect every corner of the room, so as to highlight the interesting artistic conception of visual extension. With the change of space and environment, the natural window scenery interspersed with it also changes with vivid colors.
Each material and block of each space also has its own unique space context, mainly with the wood and stone, warmth and limpidity, forming a space balance, neutralizing the preferences and needs of different families, and lighten the space in a symbiotic attitude.
This case is a family living space for three generations. In order to balance the different life needs of multiple generations, we try our best to follow a diversified life scene, which not only allows each family member to find their own living field, but also connects the communication between families more closely.
Taking the convenience of life as the core, the living-room, restaurant and kitchen spaces use the open linkage design method, so that different functional areas seem to be independent, actually exchange what they need, and the daily needs are close to meet with.
Any house needs three meals a day. After thinking the dietary needs of three generations, we integrated the Chinese and Western kitchens into the design. The L-shaped Chinese kitchen with double-action lines integrates washing, cutting, frying, and cooking of moving lines, so that the whole cooking process can be completed at one go. Island platform of Western kitchen can meet the needs of brewing coffee, cooking simple meals and baking.
In the design of stairs, we completely open the original Enclosed Right Angle Staircases to the surrounding walls and replace them with open rotating stairs. One is to eliminate the isolation of going upstairs and downstairs, and the other is to increase the connectivity of the space.
Negative first floor, we have carried out large-scale extension to create more possibilities for leisure life. The sofa area faces the French window, and the tree bookshelf matching the natural form is particularly warm under the natural light. Children's books and publications are readily available. In the afternoon, it is a very happy thing to have a parent-child appointment in this area.
The house not only focuses on the inside, but also on the scenery from the inside out. In order to break the regional sense of the basement on the negative first floor, we built the original courtyard sinking area into a waterscape sinking patio, and used a full face of floor glass around the wall to introduce daylight to the greatest extent. Anyone can see the exterior scene in any area of the basement. No matter the sunlight is pouring in front of the window or the rain drops are falling, they can calm the mind.
The gymnasium, golf amusement park, wine storage area, audio-visual area and other multiple spaces are extended to enrich the family life. Sometimes, friends can get together and have a good time, which won’t affect the rest space.
The 2nd floor is a private area. The core of our design is the sense of companionship. There is a dreamy and romantic living space in the middle of the master bedroom and the children's room, creating more possibilities for the sweet parent-child time.
The studying room is closely connected with the living room. Although it is an independent area of the master, openness and daylighting are still the first factors we consider. The gray wood color of the whole house continues to this point, and the Atollo brass lamp is dotted to form a balance, which is a secluded and powerful space interest, and reflect within every corner.
Quiet and elegant is the posture we created for the master bedroom. The utensils are quiet, light and flexible. Between gentleness and purity, they polish the texture and texture of the space, and let the details of life express the right temperature in the quiet years.
Children's world is a lively and fresh fairy tale artistic conception. We use the void design of loft style to create a space for exploration and dream creation, which is conducive to developing children's exploration and hunger for knowledge.

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LocationNanjing, China
Studio NameMatilian Space Design
Lead designerChen Yi
Design teamYang Chao
Photography creditsingallery
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