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Huge Rock Design

Short description

The designer draws inspiration from the vastness of the universe and takes interstellar travel as the design theme, showing the vastness and depth of the universe through unique shapes and perspectives, reflecting the infinite courage people exude when exploring the unknown.

The smooth curved shape extends infinitely in the interior, just like the vast universe. The lights use the shape of a river art installation, symbolizing the origin of life in the universe. The three-dimensional moon hangs in mid-air and the sunlight shines on the surface of the moon, a peculiar design concept that gives visitors unlimited imagination. The space is filled with many asteroid decorations made of mirror stainless steel, which makes visitors feel like they are really in the universe, giving them a spiritual and visual shock. The creative shape of the flipping page on the wall also adds interest to the space.

Entry details
LocationHefei, China
Studio NameHuge Rock Design
Lead designerWenli Wu
Photography creditsHuge Rock Design
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