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Jensen Turntable Speaker

Harseet Panigrahi

Short description

Jensen Turntable Speaker - An integrated turntable and active bookshelf speaker. Designed for small spaces.

Driven by Gen Z and Millennial music enthusiasts, the market for vinyl records has exploded. For the majority of 18-30 year olds living in urban apartments, space is at a premium. Traditional turntables in the market do not easily fit on console tables or desks. Jensen is the first turntable optimized for a compact footprint, making vinyls and turntables even more accessible. Preserving the analog experience of a turntable was paramount in this new form. Just like a traditional turntable, playing a vinyl requires tactile input from the listener. Special attention was given to the mechanics and textures. The “halo” effect of the record spinning is a novel but very familiar satisfaction.

Control panel - The Start/Stop and Eject features are controlled by two buttons.
Power controls - The two knurled rotary dials control the power and volume respectively.
Speed control - Since the needle can only be moved up and down, the user can adjust the speed in order to skip tracks on the vinyl.
Needle control - This sliding knurled control deploys the arm and cartridge, encased within the body. A familiar, tactile sensation.
Ejectable Spindle - The “puck” holding the record is ejectable so the user can place the spindle through the record, and then play.
Speakers - Classic bookshelf speaker and tweeter layout, now optimized for the vinyl listening experience.

Entry details
LocationNashua, NH, USA
Lead designerHarseet Panigrahi
Photography creditsHarseet Panigrahi
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