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Jardin Botanico Chapultepec


Short description

Where it was a children's playground in the 90's, later it became a wasted space within the lung of Mexico City: Chapultepec. In the Chapultepec Forest Botanical Garden, “Tlalocan, the place of the nectar of the Earth” was created. Based on the paradise of the Earth God, Tlaloc. We design a space for relaxation and contemplation, the micro-ecosystem that we generate is the representation of the abundance of the earth that highlights the importance of wetlands in the ecosystem. As part of the first edition of the FYJA Flowers and Gardens Festival, Huatan was invited to rehabilitate a space in the Chapultepec Forest Botanical Garden. This is how “Tlalocan, the place of the nectar of the Earth” was born, based on the paradise of the God of the earth, Tlaloc.
FYJA asked the landscapers to use as many native plants as possible and for the design to have a low maintenance requirement, as the space already had a wetland, an existing one was also used to incorporate it into the concept and enhance it as part of the landscape design. .
Tlalocan was designed as a space where the wetland had an important role within the concept of the garden. By taking advantage of the elements that already existed, between the bananas and horsetails in the middle of the wetland, there was a bridge but it didn't take you anywhere. What we did was give it a new life and think of the environment as an experiential space, where people could enter the garden by crossing the bridge. This is how Tlalocan became the people's favorite garden and the most photographed.

Entry details
Studio NameHuatan
Lead designerDaniel Gomez Bilbao
Photography creditscortesy
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