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In the Name of Love

Zhu yue desgin

Short description

This project is located at B1 of the community residential building, with the inspiration from 1 John 4:19: “We love because God first loved us.”
We hope to use the space as the medium to combine the application of natural materials with thoughtful, warm, and zero-distance design techniques, to convey cross-ethnic cohesion between people, the invisible and abstract “love”.
To implement the ideal state of “the old are cared for until death, the adults are gainfully employed, and the children are nurtured”. as much as possible, we have categorized the aforementioned thematic functional units based on the ages while maintaining the flexibility for expansion and changes for the different stages of the space, thereby endowing the individual venues with deeper cultural value while promoting interpersonal communications.

A large area of green wall is used to welcome the guests at the entrance, where the crisscross pattern vaguely presented amongst the plants symbolizes the meaning of the resurrection of the Christian faith. The reception lobby applied linear iron pieces to segment the booth seating, while the green wall in the corner decorated with neon GOOD DAY characters lights up the main vision, and the use of several round bistro bar tables smoothly completed the image transition from the solemn gathering hall to the leisurely café; vocabularies such as world map and blackboard wall are used to document the journeys of the missionaries. Moreover, based on the need for mass communication, the main hall especially emphasizes audio design, including the vertically arranged ceiling sound barrier boards in the entire region, which significantly improved the range and timbre, while wooden grilles are used as the background for the stage, thereby extending the weighting of the spatial balance via the lines to accomplish both dignified and rhythmic sentiment.
The composition of the secondary hall has fused in a technological lighting atmosphere, stressing 3D origami art concepts to sculpt the space, not only challenging the difficulty degree of the construction, but also demonstrating the random order and innovative logic through different forms of folds; the use of customized reinforced glass stage, large mirror wall, virtual & real lights and shadows, as well as theatrical spatial tension, allowing every gathering, speech, performance, dance, and physical exercise to become wonderful memories for each other.

Entry details
LocationBeitun Dist., Taichung City , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Studio Name Zhu yue desgin
Lead designerChing-yu Chen
Design teamChi-Yi Weng
Photography creditsCHUN-SHEN YANG
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