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Dentistry is something that everyone is familiar with, and it always brings about feelings of nervousness and fear. For this dental clinic, we used natural colors to create a relaxed and soothing atmosphere.

On the first floor, the overall space is decorated with curved patterns and shapes, and a touch of greenery is added to the fresh storefront, creating a comfortable feeling from the entrance. The registration counter is designed in a fish scale-shaped arc to create a lively atmosphere in the space. The consultation room is extended with large glass windows to absorb natural light from its location, while the treatment room is planned with privacy in mind for patients and dentists.

On the second floor, separate treatment rooms are designed for different medical treatments. When designing the clinic, we considered the placement of medical equipment, and planned the space layout based on usage needs, convenience, and rationality.

The use of dark green on the walls can make people feel calm and comfortable. We hope that this color will help patients feel at ease during treatment. We intentionally designed the waiting area to be lively, with warm-colored lighting and cute soft furnishings, allowing people to read magazines or enjoy a cup of coffee while waiting. This can help them temporarily forget the anxiety and nervousness of waiting for treatment.

Entry details
Studio NameKnRnDesgin
Lead designerMing Hung Chuang
Photography creditsKnRnDesgin
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