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Human Unlimited GmbH

two_space + product, Ratingen, Germany

Project description

The central design idea is an exceptional colour concept, based on the corporate design of the young »Purpose Agency«: The word »human« is graphically in black on white: So floors, walls and interior fittings appear in white but the ceilings and lights in black, which contradicts the expected image. This statement is supplemented by the three primary colours cyan, magenta and yellow from the CMYK colour space, which at human stand for purpose, commitment and leadership. They create sharp monochrome zones and colour psychological moods. The furnishing shows a clear design language. Areas dissolve into lines when the perspective changes. Unexpected details, material changes and idiosyncratic furniture compositions reinforce the idea of »human« "to bring new things of value into our world".

Project details
Location:Düsseldorf, Germany
Studio Nametwo_space + product, Ratingen, Germany
Lead designerClaudia de Bruyn, Dipl. Ing. Interior Architect
Design teamAlina Pick
Photography creditsPeter Kalte Photographie, Düsseldorf, Germany
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